One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.  This quote is borrowed from the Dalai Llama and it sits on my desk everyday as a reminder not to let myself get into a negative mindset, no matter what I may be going through, personally or professionally.

It is easy to get stressed out by our day to day struggles, especially when you are going through a difficult time like a divorce or a child custody struggle.  But our thoughts are very powerful.  What we create in our head can have a huge impact on our attitude, our perception and our reality.  So even if you haven’t had the best hour, morning, day or week, think of one positive thought and hold onto it.  You’d be surprised how it can change your whole day.

We all have that one friend, that “Debbie Downer” who is always negative and never has anything good to say about their life.  They always have a new complaint every time you talk to them. Usually, that person does not have any more challenges in their life than you do, but they are choosing to have a negative mindset and refuse to acknowledge the great moments in their world and choose instead to focus on the negative.

Only you can decide what to let bother you.  Time spent being resentful is time you can never get back. I would rather spend my time being joyful.  Energy you consume by worrying is energy you cannot use to move forward.

Being happy is a choice!  Happiness does not come to you, it comes from within you.  I’m not saying it’s always easy and seldom is it possible to be happy 100% of the time, but changing your thoughts can change your life.  You are not always able to control what is happening around you, but you do have the ability to control your perspective. Positivity doesn’t just happen, it is a choice that we make each and every day.


Article written by Senior Paralegal Laura Tweedt at Moore Family Law Group.

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