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Child support issues can cause stress, anxiety, and financial problems. Also, you may face legal difficulties. A child support attorney from the Moore Family Law Group can help evaluate your family’s situation for the best possible solution. The court regards child support paid by one parent to the other as for the child’s benefit, not the parent’s. 

Child support is not a golden ticket to parenting time. It is not a scheme for the other parent to become wealthy quickly. So, you may wonder, why is child support needed in the first place?

How Child Support Starts

The parents decide a child’s financial needs cooperatively. Until a support order is issued, the court can’t enforce this. The court must establish paternity and child support when parents get divorced.

Both parents can file a child support petition in the following situations: divorce, legal separation, or annulment. Parents who have signed parentage or paternity declarations or are married or domestic partners don’t wish to divorce.

How Is Child Support Coverage Decided?

Do you agree that raising a child may be expensive in today’s world? Yes, especially in light of the escalating costs of education and health care, to name just a few. The child support standards where you live must be checked to establish how your child support coverage will be decided, but, because state child support rules vary widely, it is vital to check them out.

How do you determine the amount of child support you must pay? All states have set child support guidelines. Many variables are taken into account by the courts when deciding on child support orders, including the parent’s income and ability to pay, the child’s financial requirements, and the amount of support required to keep the child’s current level of life. 

A court may make an exception if a children’s basic needs aren’t being satisfied, even though custodial parents aren’t required to show that their child support payments go toward specific activities. Parents who have physical custody of a child are presumed to cover the costs of raising the child, and as a result, courts will not check up on their spending habits if they do.

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Asking For A Child Support Order

To establish a child support order for your children, you or the other parent must ask the court directly or through the local child support agency. The following conditions will determine the best course of action.

Starting A Case For The First Time

It is possible to file cases involving parents who are married or registered domestic partners. If you are married or legally recognized as domestic partners, you can get a child support order in the following situations:

After starting a divorce or legal separation lawsuit, you can request a court date for child support matters. You can also request a temporary child support order. In addition, California family law allows you to obtain a provisional order to support your child while still going through the legal process.

You can also seek child support if you have a restraining order against your child’s other parent for domestic violence. The application for a restraining order must include requests for child custody and visitation (Form DV-105). It is possible to file a petition for child custody and support without a divorce, legal separation, or annulment.

You may request a child support order once you have initiated one of these proceedings. Reach out to a child support attorney near you to help you with this matter.

Requesting Child Support Order For Unmarried Couple

You may request a child support order if you are not married to the other parent and are not a registered domestic partner in the following circumstances:

The judge may order child support in a parentage case. Unmarried parents with children together can file a parentage case. In addition, you can file for child support if you’ve endured domestic abuse by requesting a restraining order against the other parent.

Next, finish your restraining order and child custody and visitation papers, commonly referred to as Form DV-105. Finally, you can submit a Petition for Custody and Support of Minor Children if you willingly acknowledge being a parent or paternal figure. It gives the court the authority to make orders such as those that demand child support payments.

Either parent can ask the local agency or child support attorneys how to start a case. You may request a child support order once you have initiated one of these proceedings.

With An Existing Open Case

If you and the other parent of your child already have a case in family court or with the local child support agency, asking for a child support court date usually means the following:

Both parents can file the court forms like Order Request or Form FL-300. Request for Order Information Sheet, also known as Form FL-300-INFO. A simplified financial statement OR an income and expense declaration such as Form FL-151 and Form FL-155.

Family law court facilitators read over your forms. They can look over your document before sending it. You can hire child support attorneys to review your papers or evaluate your case.

Serve the other parent your papers, a blank Responsive Declaration to Request for Order or Form FL-320, and a blank Income and Expense Declaration or Form FL-150. Do note that the other parent should be over 18 to be able to sign these documents. 

You can ask for Proof of Personal Service or Form FL-330 if your documents are personally served. It is necessary to provide proof of service. Your server must complete verification of service. Having a child support attorney examine your documents before filing would be wise.

Your next step would be to appear in your court hearing with your completed documents, including your proof of service.

A mediator helps with child support mediation proceedings. Ask the court for a date to meet with a family law facilitator. If both parties agree, the facilitator can make a judge’s order. If mediation doesn’t work, the parties can take the matter to court and have a judge decide on the terms. During mediation proceedings, it is in your best interest to have a child support attorney provide counsel on your rights and ensure that these are upheld.

Calculating Child Support

Child support is calculated statewide in California. A judge will utilize child support guidelines if both parents can’t agree on their own. Calculating guidelines involves parental income and the number of children. Consult a child support attorney if you have any queries concerning California’s guidelines for calculating child support.

A child support order may require parents to pay for child care so that the other parent can work and the money can cover the children’s health-care costs. The financial support is also meant to cover costs for costs involving education and other necessities if the child needs to travel to be with the other parent.

Every child support judgment must contain an order for medical support, which means that the court may order any parent to provide health insurance for the kid as long as it is available at a “reasonable cost,” as required by federal and California law.

Child Support Considerations

A court often determines that a party receives bonuses, commissions, overtime, or other extra or non-wage income. The court may impose support partially based on these payments in child support cases. After all necessary deductions, such as state and federal taxes, the remaining income belongs to the parent.

“Timeshare” is the time each parent spends with their child. It is determined by comparing the length of time each parent has primary physical custody of the child. As timeshare utilization increases, child support requirements often decrease in child support costs.

Failure To Pay Child Support On Time

You must pay interest on the initial amount owed and the unpaid child support balance if you are late with payments. The judge cannot waive interest charges because they are a required addition.

If you owe back child support, your court order or wage assignment (garnishment), if one exists, may include additional funds. This liquidation amount pays your arrears. You still have to pay interest even if you pay back what you owe. 

How significant are child support obligations? Suppose the court determines that the obliged party has the means but refuses to do so. The party may be in court contempt. Contempt of court carries a prison punishment, which is done when all other options have failed.

Depending on which occurs first—the child turning 18 or finishing high school—the obligation to pay child support ends. 

Moreover, child support is no longer required when a child gets married, enters a domestic partnership, joins the military, reaches 18, or passes away. Parents could stay with a child for longer. A disabled adult child unable to care for themselves alone may require the court to have both parents provide for them.

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Property Liens & Child Support

Property liens are vital for collecting child support. Your child support lawyer must file liens and abstracts of judgment when a child support order is in place. Abstracts aren’t included in the initial title search because they don’t refer to a specific property. 

The amount due may change if the demand isn’t met immediately; in such a case, an updated request would be necessary. The balance owed will increase if additional child support payments are not made. 

Real property includes all following: land, structures, machinery that is securely fastened and integrated, vegetation, and any interests in the property. A property interest includes the right to drill for oil, live there temporarily, or buy it later. A lien is placed against the real estate interest of anyone who owes child support and you can consult a child support lawyer to know who is responsible for collecting.

Child Support Modification

Either parent may desire to alter the monthly payment of child support, depending on the circumstances. Suppose either parent has seen a significant change in their situation, such as income and timeshare. In that case, changes in child support are frequently reasonable.

The court’s decision will be based on the current circumstances, mainly the parents’ income and timesharing with the child. This implies that the amount of child support may increase or decrease. It would be wise to consult your child support attorney if you are not sure of how to go about child support modification.

Are You Considering Modification?

One or both parents may request to alter a child support order that a judge has made. You must demonstrate that circumstances have changed since the previous court order was issued. If the parties can agree on a new amount of child support, they can write it up as a stipulation.

And give it to the judge to sign and make it a new order. But if the parents can’t agree on the change, one of them must ask the court for a change or modification.

A child support lawyer can help you understand whether a modification is warranted based on monetary and other considerations. Without an agreement, the case will proceed to court, where the judge will determine the amount of support. The judge may increase or lower the amount of child support or deny the amendment motion.

Modification: Required Information

Hiring a child support lawyer can aid in modifying a child support order are all viable possibilities. When requesting a change, the following information will be required:

  • Parent’s income and expenses.
  • Income for retirement.
  • Plans for custody and visitation.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Information about a disability.
  • Jail or prison status, if applicable.
  • Unemployment benefits.
  • Child care expenses.

Generally, a modification will be necessary if the required change in child support is less than $50 or 20%, as determined by the above facts. The court can modify the order if the parents sign a document declaring their agreement on the amount of modification and present it to the court. 

Otherwise, a hearing date will need to be set, at which the judge will consider the request and all relevant data and, if the change is approved, sign the modified order. Do not hesitate to contact a child support attorney if you require further information on a modification to your child support obligation.

Who Can Help You With Modification?

The court must evaluate if the adjustment is in the child’s best interest. With a family law attorney on your side, you may make a strong case for change. Your attorney can speak with child psychologists, forensic accountants, and business evaluators.

This is useful since the court frequently considers third-party opinions when determining custody, visitation, and maintenance. Your child support attorney intends to persuade the court to adhere to your requests. Thus, the attorney will set up a strong case.

The court will likely grant your request. Typically, child custody disputes revolve around money. The court may approve if you demonstrate that the modifications are in the child’s best interest.  

You must provide evidence during the divorce and initial child custody hearing. Consultation with a family law attorney who has implemented these improvements is vital. Whether you want the other parent to pay less or more child support, the Newport Beach child support attorneys can help you collect the facts, arrange them, and build a strong case for your position in court.

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The courtroom can get chaotic, and you are not used to it if you are not a lawyer. Representing you in court is not the only thing that your attorney can do for you. They can also inform you of the process and prepare everything you need to know about California’s child support rules. In this way, you would know what to expect before presenting yourself to the judge.

You can talk to the Moore Family Law Group child support attorneys if you find yourself in this situation and uncertain how to proceed. In the end, all they wish to do is make this already challenging process a little bit simpler for you and your family.

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