December 2020 Newsletter – MFLG Appreciation Day

Not only do our clients love and rely on our Rock Star Paralegals, so do our attorneys and staff. Our paralegals are very experienced and provide excellent legal work but they also genuinely care for our clients. Thank you, Tori, Jennifer and Sam!

As always, we partake in all things fun like MFLG’s Haunted Hollywood-themed party. Attendees who walked the dead carpet were:

The winner closely related to the theme:

Valerie, aka
dead Charlie Chaplin

Best costume:

Miruna, aka
Mary Poppins

Winner of Horror
Film Jeopardy:

EV, aka Serena

Covid hasn’t gone away, unfortunately. The recurring issues that were flooding our office six months ago are picking up steam again.

Do I have to send my child to the other parent during this pandemic?

Let’s talk because Covid is not an excuse for refusing visitation. Don’t be the parent violating orders because you have determined this is the opportunity not to share the child(ren) and quit co-parenting. Also, don’t be the parent denying the other party time with the child(ren). There are ways to navigate this situation. We can help you.

Has Covid affected your ability to pay support (child or spousal)?

Many clients suffered drastically reduced hours even layoffs during Covid and haven’t recovered yet. Then, just when we were turning a corner, shutdowns and layoffs again. If this has happened to you, do not wait. Do not put yourself thousands of dollars in

arrears plus interest. Call us to get the appropriate request for modification filed for you ASAP.

Our child has been distance learning. Does it have to take place at the other parent’s house if I am home?

Now is as good a time as any to start thinking outside the box when it comes to the kid(s). They are forced into screen time, having a harder time learning, feeling isolated and more sheltered than ever — from social activities, sports, friends and even family. Think of them. Is a change of environment healthy? Is the other parent’s home suitable? Does it negatively affect the child to go study at another home in the care of the other parent? If not, maybe your kiddos will love this and thank you for it later. We can help you negotiate, create a stipulation or file a request with the court.

Is MFLG open to help me during Covid?

Yes, we are a paperless office so even if we are out of the office, it is very simple to work remotely. Your file is always at our fingertips. We have successfully pivoted into virtual meetings and have always sent client documents digitally for review and e-signatures. We electronically file documents with the court and even during this unprecedented time, we have never stopped being here for you.

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MFLG New Rock Star

Samantha Armijo

Senior Paralegal

Welcome Samantha, our Sr. Paralegal. Sam joined MFLG’s legal team in September and has quickly become an asset to the firm.

Samantha attended Platt College earning both her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Paralegal Studies and graduated “magna cum laude” both times. She has been working in Family Law since 2004. She is double certified; first nationally through NALA in 2016, and then in California through CAPA in 2018.
Samantha is currently obtaining her master’s degree in Legal Studies.

Samantha’s next goal is successful completion of the Advanced Certified
Paralegal exam in all four Family Law sections. Samantha is presently a member of NALA – The Paralegal Association and on the board of directors for the Inland Counties Paralegal Association.

Samantha is fluent in Spanish and is an avid reader and coffee drinker. In
her off time, she enjoys spending time with her sons, traveling, crafting, and baking. She also loves all things Disney. We are thrilled to have Sam on the team and trust she will continue to provide the black and gold standard
to our valued clients.

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