What You Can Expect Working With Our Team

We have taken the scariest and most annoying things about working with a lawyer and worked really hard to solve them with systemized processes and ongoing training. Below is an overview of some of the common annoyances and problems that we have worked so hard to solve in unique ways.

Signing documents.

No need to have access to a computer, printer and scanner. Just open on your phone and click a button!

Uncertain of your bill and the fees being racked up?

Our clients get a statement every two weeks, on schedule and on time. No need to wonder what is going on with your hard-earned money.

Not sure what to expect at court?

Every time you get a court date you are automatically set up with a “prep appointment” with your attorney a day or two before. The appointment is on the books weeks, often a month or more in advance. Your attorney will tell you what to expect, give you a brief overview of the strategy and of course answer any questions you might have. Not sure what to wear or where to park? We will go over that too, as the name suggests you will be prepared!

Nervous about how expensive lawyers are?

It’s true lawyers are very expensive, and they should be if you care about being represented by a good one!However, lawyers shouldn’t do EVERYTHING on your case! You should only be paying for a lawyer when you need legal advice or representation in court. All other things in your case can be done by a competent team member who is much less expensive than a lawyer. At Moore Family Law Group tasks are always delegated down to the lowest billable rate that can do them.

Every time you call your law firm you must re-tell your story

Not here! You are assigned to a team. You have a specific paralegal and attorney assigned to your case. When you call and get your legal team on the phone, they already know you, your concerns and your goals.

Your case fell through the cracks?

We have several safety nets put into place, so everyone is on top of every case all the time. We do bi-weekly team meetings and have numerous internal systems and documents that the team assigned to your case must fill out to ensure that every case is being moved along at the proper and perfect pace.

Your attorney is an overworked stress ball?

Unacceptable! We love what we do and are fully staffed to give you and your case the attention it deserves. We regularly do team training on delving into why we all do this, sometimes crazy job, and why we love helping people in this field of great need. Everyone on the MFLG team is crystal clear about their big picture WHY and their HOW,as well as what we contribute to the firm, our clients, each other and to the world at large. In turn we all come to work on “most” days happy to be there and are so very thankful to have the opportunity to serve others in this extremely personal and highlyimpactful way. In the field of family law it is very easy to get jaded and cynical if you lack a deep understanding of what drew you to this field of law in the first place. Because of this, team training regularly includes the “big picture” thinking.

Your attorney does not care about you or understand the “human” aspect of this.

We regularly do team training on empathy and consciousness about what our clients are going through so that we are able and always putting ourselves in their shoes to best understand how to make their life easier and better!

Your attorney is unapproachable and not easy to speak to.

Yuck! How miserable to try and talk to someone like that you are relying so heavily on during an already extremely difficult situation! We are well known for being “personably professional”. We don’t have to act all smart and better than anyone else in order to be professional, personable and classy. We are real humans (not legal robots) and are really easy to talk to. We may even crack a joke once in a while or give a little light-hearted tease to lighten the mood. We have also been known to shed a small tear when things are really heart wrenching. We are just normal humans like all of our beloved clients!

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