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Child Custody

The Process for Disagreements Over Where and Who the Child Spends Time With

When you are having a disagreement about who sees the child or children and when and the parents cannot work out the disagreement the next step is to seek court intervention. A person does this by filing what is called a Request for Order. This is a package of papers that basically tells the Judge the parents cannot agree on how to share the children and states the filing parent's position for what they want and why they want it.

Child Custody Recommendation Counseling – CCRC

Once those papers are filed the court will automatically send you to what used to be called mediation and now is called CCRC- Child Custody Recommendation Counseling.

This is a session with a court employee- this person is NOT an attorney, this person is NOT a judge. They are usually a therapist or a court employee trained by the court in this process. You cannot bring your attorney with you to this meeting. You can bring a support person but usually they will not be allowed into the actual meeting.

After this session the Counselor prepares a report. If the parties came to an agreement, the report states what the agreement is. If the parties did not, the counselor recommends a plan for how to share the child and sends it to the judge.

The Do’s and Dont’s of CCRC:

  • Do prepare! Create a list of bullet points that you want to make sure to address with the counselor.
  • Do come prepared to talk about what the ideal schedule is for the kids.
  • Do make it ALL about the kids!
  • Do not talk about irrelevant issues such as how much you dislike the other parent or what they do with their free time when they do not have the kids.
  • Do not get angry. Keep your composure free from anger at all costs.
  • Do come with specific facts that support what schedule you want and why.

At Moore Family Law Group as soon as the CCRC date is set you are set up with a CCRC prep appointment with your attorney to go over what you should and should not address during this session and to discuss the best strategy for achieving a favorable report from the CCRC counselor.

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