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What We Believe

Our Values

At the offices of Moore Family Law Group, we believe that when it comes to family law issues, you deserve the very best in legal representation. Which is why we have built a reputation of success and excellence over our years of service, and continue to offer superior legal counsel to professionals who are involved in family law issues. We believe that each client should get nothing short of tailored, personalized, quality legal representation.

We Believe You Deserve The Best

At Moore Family Law Group, not only do we believe that our clients deserve the best, but we also know that in order to deliver the best legal services, we have to dedicate ourselves to our clients’ best interests, and work hard to obtain a favorable outcome. We never take shortcuts and we never apply a cookie-cutter solution to our clients’ cases. Instead, we approach each client on a case-by-case basis, strategizing to find the ideal solution for you.

We Believe in Confidentiality

We know how sensitive family law matters can be, and handle your case with the delicacy that it deserves while aggressively fighting for your best interests. As a law firm led by an attorney who has experienced many of the emotions that those going through a family law issue may suffer, Moore Family Law Group is able to relate to our clients on a very personal and human level. With us, you can expect compassion, dedication, and confidentiality.

Professionals who are involved in a family law matter–be it the creation of a prenuptial agreement, a child custody disagreement, a divorce, or something else entirely–often have complex legal cases. Indeed, these cases often involve parents who travel for work frequently (which can be a factor in a child custody case), are high income earners, or have a multitude of complex assets that complicate a divorce or separation. You deserve an attorney on your side who not only understands your legal matter, but has the resources and skill set to competently handle it.

Moore Family Law Group has received recognitions such as:

The Firm’s Mission

“The firm’s mission is to protect the breadwinner of the family from being punished with unnecessarily large support orders or less time with their kids. We understand all the hard work and sacrifice that it takes to obtain degrees, to pay your dues, to get a career. We believe that people are capable of anything they put their mind to. Professionals should not be punished for their hard work and sacrifice during the marriage to provide for their family. The other spouse needs to rise up and empower themselves so that one spouse does not carry all the burden when it comes to finances or children. If the spouse chooses not to rise up, that is their burden to carry, not yours.”

— Holly J. Moore

We Believe In Improving the Outcome of Your Case

We strongly believe that working with a lawyer significantly improves the outcome of your case. While working with a California lawyer is never required, if you are a professional, there is a strong chance that you have a lot to lose should your case not be resolved in your favor. When you choose to work with an experienced attorney with a track record of success, you acquire an invaluable resource that could ultimately affect the outcome of your future.

To learn more about Moore Family Law Group and our values and services, please call us today. We provide complimentary consultations for our clients.

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