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Reese Witherspoon, the acclaimed actress and entrepreneur, has once again found herself facing the challenges of divorce. This time, it’s from her talent agent husband, Jim Toth, whom she married in 2011. As news of their split emerged, fans were saddened by the end of a seemingly solid Hollywood couple. However, amidst the heartache, Reese Witherspoon has once again shown her resilience and determination to navigate this new chapter of her life with grace.
Reese’s prenuptial agreement with Jim Toth has been the subject of much speculation and admiration. The talented actress and entrepreneur, known for her savvy business acumen, ensured that her personal assets and career achievements were well-protected before tying the knot with the talent agent. The prenup reportedly outlines the division of assets in the event of a divorce, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding both parties’ interests while maintaining a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. Like Elle Woods, Reese took a prudent approach to legal matters exemplifying how thoughtful planning can contribute to a strong safeguard amidst the unpredictable nature of Hollywood relationships.
Despite their best efforts, they announced their decision to part ways amicably. While the news was undoubtedly difficult for both parties but not nearly as bad as their DUI footage, (but that’s a different area of law), Reese and Jim have maintained a united front throughout the process. They have emphasized their commitment to co-parenting and providing a stable environment for their son, Tennessee, as well as Reese’s two children from her previous marriage.
One striking aspect of Reese Witherspoon’s approach to her divorce is her dedication to maintaining privacy. In the age of social media and invasive paparazzi, it is increasingly challenging for public figures to keep personal matters out of the public eye. However, Reese has succeeded in avoiding unnecessary media attention and speculation, choosing instead to focus on her family and career.
MFLG can help you focus on your career, assets, and family by drafting a solid prenuptial agreement for you and your soon-to-be spouse. You don’t need to have celebrity wealth to enter into a prenup. Call us today if you are planning a wedding.
Speaking of blondes, the bombsell of Hollywood, Norma Jeane, AKA Marilyn Monroe, popularized the term “Seven Year Itch,” in her 1955 classic movie of the same name. So what is this seven-year itch and how do we avoid it? Well, first we must ask ourselves:
couples might become apprehensive if they notice an increase in arguments or a decline in their chemistry. Nevertheless, taking a proactive approach can help protect your relationship from any challenges that may arise during this time. By being proactive, you can implement strategies to address these concerns and foster a stronger and more resilient partnership.
According to PshychCentral, “You can bring the spark back into your relationship by remembering what brought you two together, listening to the needs of your partner, and finding space for things you both enjoy.”
Rekindling a marriage may not always be the answer, but if you’re looking to keep the honeymoon vibes alive and well, here are their 7 tips for bringing the spark back:
You can rest easy because while many believe it is a powerful phenomenon, it is merely a movie that refers to the notion that around the seventh year of marriage, couples may experience a period of restlessness or dissatisfaction. This “phenomenon” suggests that after being together for seven years, some partners may feel a sense of monotony or a desire for novelty, leading to thoughts of seeking excitement outside the marriage.
While it’s true that most divorces occur between years 1-2 and 6-8, having this benchmark in our minds gives us a reason, or label for, a marriage’s fizzle phase. After all, the honeymoon can’t last forever! Around the seven-year mark, some
So if you are nearing your seven-year anniversary, fear not! Marilyn was just making a movie…
In the month of July, MFLG proudly commemorated a significant milestone as Vivian marked her two-year anniversary with our team.
Vivian’s career trajectory at the firm began as a legal assistant, where her talent was immediately evident. She went on to assume the responsibilities of an executive legal assistant, followed by her promotion to Senior Legal Assistant. As we celebrate this notable juncture in her career, Vivian has transitioned into the integral role of Paralegal. Paralegals are truly the backbone of a law firm and we are pleased that Vivian has moved into the role. In two years, Vivian has demonstrated her continuous growth and commitment to MFLG. #deliverexcellence
With unwavering belief in her capabilities, we are confident that Vivian is poised to accomplish any objectives she aspires to set for herself as well as hitting all the goals MFLG sets for her!
The team is committed to supporting her throughout her professional endeavors as she has been such a tremendous support to all!
Congratulations to Vivian on this achievement and many thanks for two years of loyalty and service to MFLG. We are grateful!
On August 1, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Patty joining MFLG as Sr. Associate Attorney. She immediately showed her skills as a Certified Family Law Specialist with some tremendous wins for her clients. She is an outstanding attorney and has shared a wealth of knowledge with the whole team. We are most appreciative of how she has taken the time to train and mentor paralegals embodying the spirit of teamwork and growth that defines our culture.
We are thankful to have a strong litigator at MFLG who greatly cares about her clients and the team. Patty also has an amazing sense of humor, which is a bonus!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our clients and for one year of service, Patty. You are appreciated.


What do you do when your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers?


Going through a divorce is never an easy process, and it can become even more complicated if your spouse is unwilling to sign the divorce papers. In California, the process of finalizing a divorce typically involves both parties agreeing to the terms of the dissolution and signing the necessary legal documents OR the parties have gone to trial and the court (Judge) makes orders that do not require the parties to sign. Either way, if your spouse won’t cooperate, it may feel overwhelming and frustrating.
Let’s reverse-engineer this problem because there are many scenarios to consider and the following address just a few.
How did the terms you want your spouse to sign end up on paper? Who drafted it? Was it an agreement between you and the other party (self-represented), or was it negotiated by counsel? Do one or both of you have counsel?
Utilizing your counsel, you are in a better position to understand what the problem is by asking the opposing counsel, requesting a counter-proposal, or filing papers requesting a court hearing. If you do not have an attorney, you can still ask the opposing counsel, if there is one, but if neither of you has counsel, this can delay the movement of your case for months or years before finalizing your divorce.

Seek Legal Counsel: Consulting with an experienced family law attorney is essential when facing a difficult divorce. A skilled attorney will explain your rights, options, and the best course of action based on your specific circumstances. They can guide you through the legal process and protect your interests during this challenging time. They will engage with the other party or opposing counsel on your behalf.

If you are dealing with a party with no attorney, he/she is not getting any legal advice or pressure to stop delaying the situation, you are likely to end up in court asking for temporary orders to be made but may end up going to trial on issues that are not resolved. If the other party is reasonable you can attempt to settle the issues you two cannot resolve yourselves by using a family law mediator.

Attempt Mediation: Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows spouses or parents to work through their contentious issues with the help of a neutral third-party mediator who does not represent either party. It may be beneficial to suggest mediation to your spouse as a way to address any concerns and find common ground, potentially leading to a more amicable resolution.

Enter into a Prenup: Avoid the above by setting the terms before you get married.

Remember, each divorce case is unique, and the process can vary depending on the circumstances involved. Navigating a divorce when your spouse won’t sign the papers can be emotionally draining, but having a legal team or a mediator who specializes in family law can make a significant difference in reaching a favorable resolution. It’s essential to prioritize your well-being and protect your rights throughout this process.
At MFLG we strive to help you in any scenario whether you and your soon-to-be spouse decide to design a prenuptial agreement, or the parties choose the peaceful process of mediation, or if you need strong litigators on your team. Call us at 951-534-544 to see which is the best route for you.

– There's Moore at MFLG –

At MFLG, our conviction is steadfast: irrespective of one’s tenure at the firm or standing as a legal professional, every day presents an opportunity to refine our skills. Power Hour unites us, providing a forum to collectively explore what works and what needs improvement, ultimately empowering us to elevate our client service and uphold the epitome of excellence – our illustrious Black & Gold Standard. #DeliverExcellence to clients.

Nurturing Growth: Power Hour's Role in Fostering Firm Values

Embedded within the foundation of our firm’s principles is the resolute commitment of “Willing to Learn and Grow.” Every month, Holly J. Moore, owner, founding attorney, and Certified Family Law Specialist leads the team in what we call “Power Hour.” This engaging session not only satisfies the team’s taste buds with a delectable lunch but, more significantly, delves into topics designed to provide continuing education and development of the team as a whole.
In the month of July, Power Hour’s focus was on “What Clients Expect From MFLG.” It provided a refresher course on the firm’s services and the promises we make to our clients when they entrust us with their legal matters. While this might sound elementary, the hustle and bustle of a busy workday often obscures the need to consistently uphold excellence in all facets of client engagement. Drafting and processing legal paperwork is a given, yet our clients merit an elevated experience wherein July’s Power Hour helped drill in the following concepts:
Lilly’s journey within our firm has been nothing short of remarkable. Her integration into the team has been seamless, a testament to her exceptional fit within our dynamic group. What sets Lilly apart, however, is her genuine and evident care for our clients.
As she steers her cases, Lilly’s diligence shines through in her meticulous follow-up, an attribute that goes beyond just task completion. Her role extends to diligently coordinating with both our legal team and clients to ensure every facet is managed effectively and efficiently. This unwavering commitment to her duties is truly commendable.
Possessing a wealth of 30 years of family law experience, Lilly’s expertise has extended beyond her immediate role. She has played a pivotal role in nurturing new legal support, sharing her insights and knowledge generously. Her natural disposition of kindness towards her colleagues has rendered her not just a co-worker, but also a beacon of approachability and mentorship.
Our warmest welcome was extended to Lilly in October 2022, and from then till now, her potential has continued to unfold within our firm. With utmost confidence, we believe that Lilly’s journey at MFLG will be one of continued growth and fulfillment. We extend our deepest gratitude to Lilly for being an invaluable asset to our firm. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
ROCK STAR CENTER STAGE Lilly Lopez, Sr. Paralegal

Girl Power

Although not by design, MFLG is currently a full staff of female legal professionals. The team had a surprise outing and the only hint they were told was to wear pink. What could it be?! Well, of course, a Barbie matinee. Reviews mostly favored the fem flick and the team agrees fun was had. This writer is an outsider being more of a GI Joe and Incredible Hulk tomboy but the delicate ladies of MFLG seem to really enjoy the nostalgia of their childhood fashion doll.
Mattel describes Barbie as strong, confident, and always willing to help her siblings. This can be said about the team at MFLG: strong willing and always willing to help.
Barbie and Ken are brother and sister!! WHAT??!!
The creator, Ruth Handler named the dolls after her children. Mattel made the two boyfriend/girlfriend then they became exes who remained friends even after Barbie went public with her Australian boyfriend, Blaine Gordon. If family law could be so uncomplicated.
Barbie's full name:
Ken's full name:
Oh, and the original Barbie fashion model also came in brunette. See, “You Can Be Anything!”
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