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February 2021 Newsletter – MFLG Major Announcement

Our second location is in a convenient location for our expanding Orange County clientele. It’s just a minute’s walk from Fashion Island’s dining and shopping.

If you have a friend, colleague, or family member in Orange County with a family law issue, have them mention this newsletter for $500 OFF the initial retainer and a free consultation.

Call us at (949) 674-0877.

MFLG Anniversaries

Jennifer, our Rock Star Paralegal, celebrates her one-year anniversary with MFLG. We love these milestones. Quality staff is hard to find and Jennifer has been an amazing asset to MFLG. She demonstrates kindness and patience daily towards our valuable clients and she is a great attribute to our legal team. Cheers to Jennifer and to many years on the team.

MFLG Staff Celebrations

  Our Legal Receptionist, Cambria, had a big month. Cambria is now a Mrs., and a beautiful bride she was. What a lovely wedding that we were honored to be a part of. Congrats and best wishes to the newlyweds! Upon return, Cambria is now MFLG’s Legal and Admin Support.      

In February, the Rock Stars returned from another stretch of telecommuting. After over two months of remote work, the legal team is back and of course
MFLG had to show the team its appreciation for their hard work despite the change in geography. The team gathered for a nice lunch and reunited inperson for the first-time since November 2020. It is not always easy to focus at home and be productive. Yet they pulled it off without a hitch.

Notable February Mentions In The Legal Field

Our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, also an attorney, was born February 12, 1809.

Did you know that he was also an accomplished wrestler, only losing 1 of 300 matches and is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. President Lincoln formed the U.S. Secret Service just hours before his assassination. Before you blame them for poor protection, the USSS was not originally created to protect the commander in chief; it was formed to combat counterfeiting. They were not formally assigned to protect the presidents until 1901.

We know that John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln at the Ford theater. Here’s an eerie six degrees of separation: Booth’s brother, Edwin, an accomplished actor at the time, saved the life of Lincoln’s eldest

son, Robert. Robert fell off a train platform when a crowd of passengers accidentally bumped him off the edge as a moving train was approaching. Edwin Booth pulled Robert back up to the platform by his collar saving the young boy who recognized the thespian. One last Lincoln fact: The Lincoln bedroom in the White House was not where Lincoln slept. He used it as his office and met with dignitaries and cabinet members there. It is where he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

After an embittered hearing confirming Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991, he became known for his reticent demeanor on the bench. On February 6, 2006, Justice Thomas asked one question during a death penalty case. It was not until 10 years later, On February 29, 2016, he finally asked another question during a case, this time involving domestic violence and firearm possession.

Q: My spouse had an affair and now we are getting divorced. I can barely make ends meet and care for the kids myself. This divorce is his fault. Can he be forced to pay all the bills, my car, and continue supporting the household? I didn’t want this divorce.

A: Unlike other states, California has not made adultery an illegal act. In fact, many of those states are in the process of amending adultery laws. California is a no-fault state, meaning the mere desire to want a divorce is reason enough for the court. If a spouse is unfaithful, that spouse will not be ordered to pay any punitive damages for his/her bad faith. Infidelity will not affect the disposition of property or the parenting plan in most cases.

In CA, there is a process in family court that a party must go through in order to help with said household expenses, community debt, child and spousal support. When there is real property, assets, and children, the process can get tricky and often complicated. You must seek the representation of an attorney focused on family law. Now, best case scenario the parties can come to a mutual agreement on everything and avoid court. Often when extramarital affairs occur that is easier said than done. Parties can stay out of court by hiring the services of a family law/divorce mediator to help resolve any disputes the parties cannot agree on. This is highly desirable if you want to make this as amicable as possible when it is over. Alternatively, the case litigates.

That means you battle it out in court. The judge determines what is community property and how those assets and debts will be divided and disposed.

He/she will send the parties to see a Child Custody Recommending Counselor (CCRC) to attempt to create a parenting plan. If they cannot, the judge will determine the parents’ custody and visitation schedule based on the pleadings and arguments of the parties/attorneys, and the CCRC report. Based on that schedule and the parties’ finances, a child support order will be created. The parties’ finances and some other factors will determine the amount of spousal support, if any; as well as a possible order to pay the other party’s attorneys’ fees. Now, that is a lot to think about and although the affair will be on your mind, it will be a minuscule factor in litigation.

As soon as either party considers divorce, get the legal advice you need to make sure you are protected, well-informed, and properly prepared for what is ahead. At MFLG we are sure to do all of the above. We also offer a successful mediation process. Call us today for a free consultation at (951) 463-5594 and see if mediation or representation is right for you.

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