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January 2020 Newsletter – Hello 2020

The Rock Stars gathered for their annual Christmas party at the very delicious Toasted Barrel in Corona. With a dim, jazzy ambiance and tasty cocktails, the team further got to know each other over a game of “Two Things You Didn’t Know About Me.” Turns out some of the team has serious circus side-show abilities with their appendages, others are quite well-traveled, and still others have mastered the art of drying food to a crisp and never shared!

Rockstar Christmas Party 2019

A game of white elephant proved that no matter how practical the gift, Rock Stars have their eye on the bottle of wine & fuzzy socks combo. Fun times were had and stronger bonds were made, which in turn strengthens the team that works so hard for you.

Make sure you have a strong team on your side; you never know when spaghetti limbs will come in handy.
(951) 463-5594

Oh, and we may have had a little birthday celebration to honor the Boss – despite the server blowing the surprise!

New Employee

Moore Family Law Group has a new Rockstar in the office!

Client Relations Manager – Nicole Brookens

Nicole has over ten years of experience working directly with the public in customer service and has a true passion for helping people. Nicole has a son that she loves dearly so she understands the pressures of making the best decisions for the future. During her free time, she and her son like to vacation, go to events, play sports, and go to the beach. A current goal is to travel outside of the country and learn more about the world. Her kind spirit and hard work ethic are always displayed when assisting with a client’s needs.

You, or your referral, can meet Nicole at the initial consultation. Welcome aboard Nicole! 2020 is your year!

To continue the Christmas festivities and bring the team together even more, MFLG held the 1st Annual Gingerbread Showdown. This challenge was not for the faint of heart; with a 2.5 hour time limit and prizes on the line, some threw in the towel early while others (maybe one) worked until the very last second. You tell us who you think those decorators were. Send us your votes for best gingerbread house. Feel free to create your own categories too! If you send us your vote by January 31, we will enter you into a raffle for a cool prize.

Like a professional gingerbread house, MFLG is strong with an award-winning appearance! Your referrals will not be disappointed. Have them call (951) 463-5594.

Nicole is the first in-person introduction to MFLG after an appointment is scheduled. She is entirely trusted by Ms. Moore, our founding attorney, to meet with all of our potential new clients. Nicole takes the time to empathetically listen to each and every situation; determines if we can help; provides options to get started; and makes sure we are the right fit for each other.

Many former clients and colleagues will often send referrals with the assumption that Ms. Moore is scheduled for all consultations. While carrying a case load of the firm’s most complex matters, it would be impossible for Ms. Moore to properly prepare and litigate if she took on the task of handling free consultations every day, all day. Not to mention the duties of a busy CEO of a growing law firm. If you trust Ms. Moore enough to send a referral going through one of the most difficult times of their life, you should trust her staff just as much. There is a reason she considers them her “Rock Stars.” You should also trust that MFLG’s recruitment requirements are of the highest standards; and always rest assured that your referral is in the best hands.

Your first call will be taken by a friendly and compassionate Legal Receptionist who will schedule a complimentary case evaluation with Nicole. After meeting with Nicole and a decision is made to hire MFLG, you are assigned a team. Ms. Moore may be the lead attorney, or an associate attorney may be assigned. Our associate attorneys are expected to not only strive to obtain the best results possible but make you feel like every day will get easier now that you have us on your team. Our goal is to reach your goals and get to the light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible.

Your paralegals are not only required to have mastered CA civil procedure and local court processes but have at least five solid years of family law experience.  Our current team has at least ten. Our Operations Manager has been in family law 16 years and law firm management for 15 years, as well as owning her own family law mediation practice. So, if/when a problem arises, she is familiar with and will resolve matters promptly.

Even if Ms. Moore is not assigned as lead attorney, she oversees every matter and runs team meetings weekly. When you hire or refer us, keep in mind, Ms. Moore strives to recruit for you nothing short of a dream team.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today and be prepared to hire our dream team. (951) 463-5594

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