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Jan 2021 Newsletter – Happy New Year From Moore Family Law Group!

Happy New Year from Moore Family Law Group

2020 has come and gone. MFLG had some of the highest highs and plenty of lows. Many readers can probably relate to this whether in business or personal life. We enter 2021 with much to be grateful for. MFLG survived COVID-19 lockdowns twice and several of us even survived COVID. We once again are successfully telecommuting without a hiccup in service to our valued clients. This time around, we are doing so with new team members. We lost some staff and gained some staff. We continue to grow with a stronger team. It can be hard to find positivity in situations like this. It’s even difficult coming to grips with what we cannot control but MFLG finds that these trying times are opportunities. Opportunities to improve, to pivot, to focus, to get creative and be more resourceful. Also, to hone in on our “Black and Gold standard.” We are thankful for all of those who continue to trust in us and provide their ongoing support. We move into 2021 with a resolution to help more clients navigate through the hardest times in their lives, reaching their goals, while always delivering excellence. May 2021 allow you to put any negativity behind you; bring you the determination and discipline to reach your resolutions; and of course, good health.

MFLG requires our staff to always deliver excellence – plain and simple. Nothing less. The Black and Gold standard includes providing the utmost care, kindness, compassion, and empathy to our clients. While doing so, we carefully listen, help prioritize a client’s goals, and devise a strategy to reach those goals. Getting to those goals might mean we go to the mat for you, fighting tooth and nail to protect you in court, or delicately negotiate settlement to keep you out of a courtroom. Are we perfect? No, but we set our standards much higher than the average law firm.

MFLG’s New Rockstar

Welcome Allen M. Johncox (A.J.), our new Senior Associate Attorney. Allen came on board with MFLG in August 2020.

Allen is a Southern California native who has been practicing law for over 29 years. He is a graduate of Western State University College of Law – Fullerton and was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1991. He has also represented clients in criminal defense, probate, trust, civil litigation, juvenile dependency proceedings and guardianship cases. Allen is a former police officer and a U.S Army veteran, serving both as an enlisted soldier and an officer.

Allen has a passion for Orange County charitable causes. In 1994, he founded a charitable organization that continues to provide regular donations and support for the Orange County Ronald McDonald House, Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Santa Ana Police Athletic & Activity League, the MS Society of Orange County, Second Harvest Food Bank and the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, among others. At the right time of year, you might catch him impersonating Santa while visiting some of these charities.

Allen believes in providing clients with a fair and realistic approach to handling their family law issues. Whether they have a dissolution or custody matter or have had the unfortunate experience of being charged with a criminal complaint, Allen will assist clients in navigating through those difficult issues.

2020 had plenty of negativity in the news from the pandemic to politics, so let’s celebrate some small and overlooked highlights from 2020 that merit recognition.

  • Jennie Stejna of Massachusetts, 103 years old, recovered from COVID-19 and requested a cold bottle of Bud Light to celebrate from her nursing home bed. Cheers, Jennie!
  • Zoom staff meetings causing countless bloopers providing comedy and shock value to a typically mundane event. Tip: do not carry your phone to the bathroom. Just don’t.
  • Drive-ins rose from the ashes. No longer are they just for movies but concerts and comedy shows. Now, if 2021 would only add food and drink carts.
  • Bidet sales are on the rise thanks to toilet paper hoarders. Congrats to the bidet industry…and new bidet owners.
  • A baby girl was born using an embryo frozen 27 years ago. Her big sister was born in 2017 and was from an embryo frozen for 24 years. Nothing short of miracles!
  • Leisure wear became appropriate work attire.
  • Dressing only from the waist up for meetings is not only acceptable but expected.
  • Clutter behind you is totally fine… if you have a good Zoom background.
  • Zoom stock soars!
  • Discovering that you are not the only one with so much gray hair.
  • Gaining weight, aka COVID pounds, is not your fault. I repeat, not your fault. You discovered that baking with the kids was so much fun and the gyms were closed. Yet, another sacrifice for the kids!
  • All it took was slow wi-fi and you could bolt from virtual baby and wedding showers but a virtual wine tasting, you’d upgrade your service for.
  • Home improvement. Lines were never this long at Lowes and Home Depot. Being stuck at home made people realize how awful their paint color was to look at.
  • ‘Obsessive compulsive handwashing’ became just ‘handwashing.’
  • Animal adoptions soared. Shelters have never been less occupied.
  • Traffic. What traffic?
  • SpaceX sent U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station.
  • Tiger King! You were shamefully entertained by Joe Exotic and if you didn’t think Carole Baskin killed her husband, you might be happy she transcended to Dancing with the Stars. So, do you think she did it?
  • When Disneyland closed due to health restrictions, they donated their surplus snacks to a food bank.
  • Curbside pickup. Long overdue.
  • I bet you could recall plenty of your own 2020 silver linings, memorable
    moments, or even small miracles if you really reflect. Take some time and create your silver linings notebook.

Q: Can MFLG represent me if I am living outside of California?

A: Yes. The attorneys at MFLG are licensed to practice in California. However, it is more common than you’d think that out of state residents hire us to represent them in their CA family court matters. There are two scenarios that typically occur. You open a case in CA and move out of state and your case is ongoing here; or the other party moves to CA and opens a case here. It is easier to have representation in the jurisdiction of your case. Also, it’s good to have an attorney able to monitor your case and accept service of important court notices. It is not important for MFLG to know the law in your state as it will not apply in the court hearing your case in CA.

If you have a friend or family member having trouble with their CA case because they are out of state, send them our way. This is often most useful for our military servicemembers. We are experienced representing active military. Our team can meet via zoom or phone.

Contact Us At (951) 463-5594

Why is MFLG Offering the Blue Binder Project

The mission at Moore Family Law Group (MFLG) is to truly take a more holistic approach and not just win the legal case but also make sure that we don’t leave people with completely desolate lives after their divorce. Holly has spent a lot of time thinking about how we can get to, and help with, the underlying problems given that we’re not licensed counselors or coaches or anything of the sort. All we are are lawyers and people who care, but her mission, and the mission of MFLG is so much bigger than just winning legal cases. Along came the opportunity to learn about and participate in Blue Binder Project. After learning about Blue Binder Project and what it does for its “students”, it really felt like this was the missing piece to truly help our clients on a holistic level and leave them better off then when they found us.

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