June 2020 Newsletter – Jumping Back In The Pool Post Covid

On June 8, MFLG hosted our “We Survived Corona” Fiesta to welcome back our Rock Stars to the office.

Initially, the team anticipated working from home for 14 days, which quickly turned into nearly 14 weeks of telecommuting and zoom conferencing, but the band is back together. The theme was not just an homage to the team remaining healthy and mentally sane, but also with so many businesses shutting their doors for good. MFLG survived thanks to smart leadership of the CEO, the trust of our clients, and the continuing retention of new clients who sought out the best help they could find. A huge shout out and many thanks to all of the above!

The pandemic indeed created an array of emotions – fears, worry, and other serious concerns – not just for the team but for clients and the general public who still needed the assistance of a legal team. With the coronavirus on all news channels 24/7, our favorite companies airing commercials of the “new normal,” politicians having daily press conferences and briefings on Covid-19 statistics, it was hard to fend off the fear and worry of what may come.

The lock down brought further anxiety and mental instability to many. Domestic violence was surging, custody disputes increased, mental health issues escalated. Staying sheltered, disconnected from loved ones, the end of sports and other hobbies, and losing time with elder family members was a lot to cope with. Sadly, too much for some. All as many continued to work from home while taking care of family when schools were closed months early. Raising children, explaining the situation as best we could for their ages and helping them thrive mentally and physically while isolated was a full-time job in itself.

MFLG was very sensitive to the team’s transition from office to home, as well as the transition back to the office. So, true to MFLG form, we were excited to present a sought-after speaker to motivate the team on their first day back. In the theme of “We Survived Corona,” who better to get the team prepped to conquer fears and focus on the end game than three-time Olympian and four-time silver medalist, Kara Lynn Joyce?

If being a silver medal winning Olympian isn’t impressive enough, Kara is also an accomplished businesswoman. She is the CEO/Founder of LEAD Sports Summit for girls, providing female teen swimmers 13 to 18 years the opportunity to learn leadership and communications skills from an accomplished group of female Olympians and mentors. (LEAD = Leadership, Empowerment, and Athletic Development.)

Kara is also a sports broadcaster and has covered every national and international swimming event. She has spoken at events for major corporations like Starbucks at their Seattle headquarters. We were honored to meet her and listen to her inspiring stories that spanned a 21-year swimming career as well as her current leadership experience.

Kara shared stories conquering her fear and anxiety of making the Olympic team. Kara connected with the staff providing advice to beat fear, control what is  controllable, and focusing on their lane and their strengths. Covid-19 created a lot of fear and panic. As individuals, so much of that fear are things out of our control. Kara discussed our need to focus on and tackle what we can control.

It is important to focus on the endgame by staying in our lane and knowing what our goal is. MFLG’s goal is to help our clients meet their goals. Kara also gave helpful tips to MFLG leadership with respect to engaging with staff to help with improvement and growth. She was humorous, fun, personable and inspiring. The discipline of an athlete of her caliber is admirable and the knowledge from a champ is transferable to the team.

It was also a lot of fun to share in the fiesta fare and have photo ops with her and her medals! The team is ready to jump back in their lanes, focus on their strengths, and not just continue the black & gold standard of excellence, but make MFLG an Olympic caliber firm.

If you are ready to conquer fear and pump up your team for success, we highly recommend Kara Lynn Joyce to speak at your next engagement. MFLG moves
forward in these unprecedented times with Kara’s words of wisdom gained from her experience, her hard work, discipline and winning. MFLG is ready to win for you. (951) 463-5594

Now that the team is back, there are two work anniversaries being celebrated— a few months behind, but they are much too important to miss.

Our Sr. Attorney, Miruna Lujan, and our Sr. Paralegal, Toribren Hernandez, received their two year service awards from Ms. Moore. The one thing that will make you want to stop typing and start writing again is a lovely, engraved Tiffany pen.

Thank you for your service, Miruna and Tori. MFLG thanks and values both for their hard work, customer service and loyalty.



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Q: My ex threatened to file a restraining order against me for texting too much. Is that possible?

A: First, in order to file a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) in family court you must be able to check one of these options: You are or used to be married; you live or used to live together; you are dating or used to date; you are or used to be engaged; you are the parents of a child together.

If not, it must be filed in civil court where you would request a civil restraining order.

If the case qualifies in Family Court, the threshold for obtaining a restraining order is very low. First of all, the name of a restraining order in Family Court might lead one to believe some sort of physical violence, or bodily harm is necessary. However, that is not the case.

Several things count as domestic violence that you might not think about. One of them is texting and calling your spouse or your significant other incessantly. That type of harassment can constitute domestic violence, so you want to be very mindful of your conduct – especially if you are in the midst of a divorce, custody dispute, or if you can lose your job if a DVRO is issued against you. Maybe you have a security clearance that requires a clean background; a DVRO could jeopardize that. A DVRO would also force you to turn over any firearms. In addition to potentially losing your entire paycheck, there are significant fees to store your firearms during the length of the restraining order.

Also, it is important to know that many people get a domestic violence restraining order to get an advantage in custody disputes, divorces, and other family law issues. They can get you kicked out of your home and force you to pay multiple household expenses. They can separate you from your children. The headache and heartache they cause can be shocking to someone who never intended texting to create such a drastic legal consequence. In short, resist the temptation and be on your best behavior with your exes or when times are rough in your relationship.

In either case, MFLG can help defend you from drastic legal consequences of a few bad decisions but also help you obtain orders on legitimate domestic violence. MFLG will protect you. Call (951) 463-5594.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in the state of Washington, but it was not until long after President Wilson officially made Mother’s Day a nationally recognized holiday that Father’s Day was celebrated nationwide. In 1972 – 58 years later – President Nixon proclaimed Father’s Day a federal holiday!

That’s okay – better late than never. We need to celebrate dads too! Since the beginning of time, dads have been our beacons of strength and security. Think cavemen hunting dinner, think dads in the ‘50s while moms took care of the home and kiddos. Think our military and first responder dads who bravely leave and sacrifice their safety and lives each day.

The introduction of “Father’s Day” didn’t have the same appeal as Mother’s Day, sentimentally or florally. There is not a surge in flower bouquet purchases for dear old dad. At the inception of Father’s Day, some dads did not appreciate the idea of emasculating them with flowers and gifts; often gifts they purchased themselves!

In the 1920s and 30s a movement started to eliminate Mother’s Day in favor of Parent’s Day. The Great Depression derailed this effort as store owners needed two separate occasions to sell products looking for a Christmas day for dads. They marketed masculine items like sporting goods, the famous necktie gift and tobacco. World War II took the celebration of dads to the next level. It was not just a way to honor dad but also honoring the American troop and support the war effort. Father’s Day became a national institution. We haven’t looked back.

As of January 30, 2020, there are more than 70 million fathers in the
United States.*

Although Father’s Day has not surpassed the $23 billion in Mother’s Day spending, gifts for dads are exceeding $1 billion. Go Dads! May you all have a Happy Father’s Day!

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