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November 2019 Newsletter – November To Remember

Every year, to help raise awareness for breast cancer, MFLG Rock Stars wear pink to work. You would think that coordinating a shade of pink one day per year would not be terribly difficult for some pretty intelligent, educated ladies. You will notice a lovely array of pink from the softest shade to the brightest. Of course, the brightest is worn by Ms. Moore who is photoed front and center.

Another MFLG tradition has been themed Halloween costume parties. For one day per year, we risk our reputation by dressing up in silly costumes, and for some, fully take on the role like a method actor and hope no visitors come in that day!

This year’s theme was Superheroes. This seemed fitting as the team daily answers the countless calls for help without delay! This year’s winner for “Best Costume” was Batwoman; “Most Creative” was Clark Kent; “Honorable Mention” went to Superwoman. However, a participation trophy was added for making a superhero out of a Snuggy.

It is nice and very important to step away from the serious day-to-day duties and have a little fun. Although after this photo opp, The Dark Knight headed straight to court to be a super hero to a dad fighting for his son.

The MFLG superheroes deserve to let loose and have some fun… and so does the pirate!

We aren’t halfway through the month (as of this writing) and November has been packed with excitement.

First, our Grand Re-Opening on November 7th was a success. We can’t thank all the guests enough for attending the event. It was on a Thursday afternoon
and instead of heading home after a long day, so many visitors came to show us their support and check out our new digs.

Guests enjoyed food and cocktails, live music, great raffle prizes, but most importantly our ceremonial ribbon cutting presented by the Corona Chamber of Commerce. The ceremony exceeded our expectations and was actually much more genuine and personal than we could have imagined. Ms. Moore was
celebrated for her work, her passion for her clients, as well as her business growth within the community. Led by Bobby Spiegel, the President of the Chamber, and two chamber Ambassadors, Wes Peake and John Michalski, who together made it an extremely memorable occasion.

Coming Soon – more MFLG holiday festivities, and of course, the usual informative family law blurbs — and maybe some rock star blunders.

If you or someone you know need a superhero on your side — or a legal athlete — call Moore Family Law Group.

(951) 463-5594.

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