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October 2019 Newsletter – Holly J. Moore’s Founder’s Thoughts

As my three daughters and I were sitting in traffic in Los Angeles they began to look around and ask me about all the graffiti. I proceeded to tell them how I think graffiti is one of the most disappointing things someone can do. My young and naive kids began to ask why. Maybe it’s just art, they said. I explained to them that I get so bothered to see it because it ruined someone else’s hard work. As soon as those words left my lips, they started in with their most annoyed tone possible. “Oh, here mom goes again with the hard work thing, (insert sigh).”

“Mom you’re ALWAYS talking about hard work. We think you have a “thing” about hard work!” I responded that “I absolutely do!” (And no amount of 10-year-old snarkiness will deter me!)

Maybe it’s because my dad told me growing up that no amount of fancy degrees or intelligence would ever make up for discipline and work. Maybe it’s because I have spent a lot of my own blood, sweat, and tears and know first-hand what hard work is, but either way, these little mini humans are right. I DO have a thing about hard work.

At that moment my thoughts drifted off to some of our clients who have worked hard their whole lives and are about to sacrifice a lot of the results of that hard work because a choice has been made to dissolve a marriage. Then for the 54,567,897th time my vision about the mission of MFLG became crystallized once more. I am so passionate about protecting people who have been disciplined and worked so hard because that should not be minimized or punished, and it often is – in our family court system.

I was snapped out of the visionary moment by my three children begging me to not tell the story again of stacking wood for an entire summer to earn a pair of Reebok pumps.

I couldn’t resist and told them the story for the 89th time.

Rosalinda Gonzalez is the Executive Assistant at Moore Family Law Group. She has over 18 years of experience in Administrative Support and Graphic Design. Born and raised in San Jose, California, she moved to Mission Viejo during her sophomore year of high school. Rosalinda graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and spent nine (9) years working for the Santa Ana Fire Department and most recently, the Orange County Fire Authority.

Throughout her career, she has assisted with the design and planning of various projects, most notably, the Orange County Firefighters’ Yearbook, and the Annual Best & Bravest Awards Ceremony. Rosalinda currently resides in Corona with her husband, Edgar and two daughters, Mia and Bibiana.

She volunteers as the team manager, organizing events, creating budget reports and designing flyers for their soccer team. In her spare time, you will find her in the kitchen, watching the Food Network Channel, and cooking new recipes. She looks forward to sharing her talents and skills with the firm and is eager to learn all about family law. MFLG is happy to announce Rosalinda on the team.

Our founding attorney, Holly Moore, once again hit the trail to share how MFLG can help navigate anyone through the trenches of divorce and family court. The attendees of Smart Women Smart Money are a large group of female professionals from varying industries, such as health and wellness, counseling, insurance, real estate, clothing, and financial planning to name a handful. This intelligent and humorous group of ladies exchanged business information, and many put on extremely informative presentations about their field.

Meeting professionals at events like this or just attending certain social groups serve to build our network of referrals in addition to spreading the word about the amazingness of MFLG. If you come in, or send a referral to us, for a consultation, we may have very helpful referrals who can provide guidance as you enter a tough separation. Maybe getting some counseling, figuring out finances, wills/trusts or quotes for car or life insurance. Maybe you are having trouble sharing children with the other parent and need some co-parenting classes.

Let us know what service you need and save yourself a Google search. We only recommend pros we trust. We hope you will share our name as a trusted referral. Referrals are the highest form of compliment and we are grateful.


So, your firm is growing, how is that good for your clients? Seems that means you are all about money now.

Au contraire. Don’t get us wrong money helps us grow. It also costs a lot of money to grow. The truth behind MFLG’s growth is that Ms. Moore is passionate about how family law clients are handled. Her method of practice digs “deeper than surface issues.” We don’t just prepare legal forms and trial briefs. Any law firm can do that. We do it great but that is surface level legal assistance. Ms. Moore cares about healing and our client’s future goals. Retire to Fiji? That sounds great, what can we do to help you get there given your immediate situation.

By growing, MFLG is able to take on more clients, help more people through what may be the toughest time of their lives. Clients can count on having more access and availability to the staff assigned to their case when we use the team approach. The team approach also helps stretch out a client’s funds. With numerous team members assigned to each case, tasks are delegated to the lowest hourly rate. Your attorney should not be standing at the copy machine preparing trial notebooks. Many people don’t realize that sole practitioners and small firms work that way – the attorney does document preparation, hearing preparation, copying, faxing, etc. That will get costly.

Your team provides valuable peace of mind, so clients know, and feel, they are not alone, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Consider your team the train that gets you there. As we add to the team, know that we have a very selective hiring process and strict qualifications. Yes, years of family law experience are necessary; and candidates may be surprised to sit down for an advanced family law test. We have devised specific interview questions to make sure that each candidate’s beliefs about their purpose and position align with MFLG.

Keep in mind, if we weren’t doing something right, we wouldn’t be growing
and our growth benefits you.

Schedule a complimentary case evaluation and meet the team. Call (951) 463-5594

Be a part of a charitable community simply by cleaning out your pantry and dropping off some canned goods to our office. We will be delivering to the Orange County Rescue Mission* in Norco, CA in time for Thanksgiving.

Current clients: Every 25 cans will get $50 off your bill.

New clients: Mention this newsletter, bring in your cans, and take $50 off of your initial retainer deposit.

*The mission of the Orange County  Rescue Mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the Least, the Last, and the Lost of our Community through the provision of assistance in the areas of guidance, counseling, education, job training, shelter, food, clothing, health care and independent living communities.

MFLG Rock Stars will be participating in the Mission Inn Run on November 10, 2019. The Mission Inn Run takes place in historic downtown Riverside and benefits the Mission Inn Foundation.
and join in next year’s event. Details about or run (or walk) and photos to follow.

The Mission Inn Foundation preserves, interprets, and promotes the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn, Riverside, and the surrounding southern California communities through its museum services, educational
programs, and outreach activities.

Any ideas for events or charitable organizations for MFLG to sponsor or participate in, call our office (951) 463-5594 and let us know. We are always looking for ways to give back and be a part of community outreach.

Moore Family Law Group

(951) 463-5594

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