You are the “breadwinner” of the family, often times 100% responsible for the financially well-being and support of your spouse and children. Now you are wondering if you will have to continue to maintain that for two households instead of 1.

We Will Protect You From That.

Divorce can be a very painful time in one’s life, much like losing a loved one to death. It is an emotionally charged time, where anger, overwhelm, sadness and frustration loom. On many occasions one is faced with losing some of their assets, time with their children, some of their income and having to change their lifestyle IN ADDITION to the emotional pain.

At Moore Family Law Group, we are passionate about protecting everything that you have worked so hard for through the years, in addition to protect your mental and emotional well-being. You were driven and ambitious and smart and responsible and did a great service to your family by supporting them financially. We do not believe that because the marriage is dissolving you should be punished in terms of not being able to see your children regularly or being the only one responsible for financially supporting the family after separation – EVEN IF THAT’S WHAT YOU DID DURING THE MARRIAGE.

What Is the California Divorce Process?

  1. File
  2. Respond
  3. Discovery
  4. Temporary orders (usually for child support, spousal support and child custody and visitation)
  5. Attempts to agree on everything (“settlement”)
  6. Trial

First someone files for divorce. Then the other person responds. Then you have an opportunity for information gathering called “discovery”. Discovery can be formal questions asked and answered. Requests for Documentation to be produced. Subpoenas to banks, businesses, phone companies, employers and any other third party that you need information from.

If while the divorce is pending (the time you first file until its finalized) you may need some “temporary orders”. Usually this is for support and/or custody. This way while we are figuring who gets what, you still have structure for how to share your kids and who pays what.

How Long Does a Divorce in California Take?

The answer that everyone will agree on is that It takes too long!! A contested divorce with complex issues can take several years. A very simple divorce where both parties agree on everything can take 6 months. An “average” divorce (if there is such a thing) takes 12-18 months.