Liliana “Lilly” Lopez

Sr. Paralegal

(951) 463-5594

About Lilly

Lilly boasts over 30 years of experience as a family law paralegal. With real-life experiences and knowledge of family law, Lilly has the compassion necessary to assist clients in the most difficult time in their life and help them transition to a “new normal”.

Having worked on very complex, high-asset, and high-profile divorces, as well as average and lower-asset divorces, Lilly is able to assist the attorney in building suitable strategies for each matter she works on.

When not at the office, Lilly enjoys time with her family. Lilly is a proud mom of her son, a sailor in the United States Navy, and of her daughter who is away at college. She also enjoys going to concerts, home interior decorating, and spontaneous day trips.

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