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Michelle Barrientos

Michelle Barrientos


Mount San Antonio College - Associate of Science in Paralegal/Legal Assistant

University of La Verne- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management

About Michelle

Michelle is currently in law school pursuing a Juris Doctor degree with an aspiration to practice law in California.

When not working family holds a central place in Michelle’s life. Her family is a constant source of support and joy. She is an avid reader, and frequently finds it relaxing to sit down an read a good book.

Fitness and nutrition are not just hobbies but passions for Michelle and she is a big advocate for a healthy lifestyle. She incorporates fitness routines into daily life, including early morning 5k runs during the summer.

She enjoys exploring the great outdoors and discovering new hiking trails and she takes it as a chance to reconnect with the environment.

Music holds a special place in Michelle’s heart. Currently, she is nurturing an interest in DJing. Despite her busy schedule, she hopes to one day be able to dedicate more time to this hobby and become somewhat decent.

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