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How Long Will I Have To Pay Child Support?

In some cases, you could have to pay child support even after you die! This post seeks to enlighten my readers about what I would call “a kink” in the law. However, I will do another post on the generalities of this question.

If you are the payor of support for a minor child and you die with that order in place, your child support obligation continues and is charged against your estate until that child turns 18. Frankly, this provision in the law makes NO sense to this author, mostly because support is calculated based on current earnings OR income that you are capable of earning but are choosing not to.

Well, it goes without saying that the deceased obligor both has no ability to earn nor has a current income. Nonetheless, this is the state of the law today unless it is modified by a certain language in the order.

Even with the DIY revolution of everything from DIY home projects to DIY legal counsel, there is still no substitute for a human being who has the skills and experience, whether it be tiling your bathroom floor or writing a child support order. The only difference is that support order may have significant effects after you are long gone that are irreversible if provisions like the aforementioned are not known or taken into account.

If you are facing issues such as needing court orders for support and want them drafted with skill and experience and ultimately to protect your best interest call Moore Law Group for a free assessment. (951) 463-5594.

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