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Moore Law Group Is Going Paperless!

What does this mean? 

This means we will no longer be toting robust client files, schlepping multiple bankers boxes to trial, and having an office that looks like trees were mass murdered.

Well, then… where are all the papers?

All documents coming into our office and going out are converted into PDFs and kept on computers and iPads in “cloud storage”. The documents are backed up multiple times and kept nice and tidy as digital files.


Other than the obvious service we are doing for the trees, there are so many advantages from an efficiency stand point. When compiling exhibits for motions, we used to have to sift through stacks of papers which took hours and hours to find one letter or mortgage statement so we could attach “Exhibit A”. Now we simply have to pull up the digital file which results in less billable time for clients. In addition, since the files are neatly organized in client folder structures, we can access them anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection. This means when a client calls at midnight for legal advice on how to enforce an order RIGHT NOW, we will easily be able to pull up the client file for review with little to no effort. Most courts in Southern California have gone totally paperless. If you hand them a hard copy, they will scan it and hand it back to you. Our system of document management is in sync with the court’s system. In addition, if you have ever been to court, you know there is a lot of flipping through hard files when the judge asks for a document. For some this can seem like an agonizing silence waiting and hoping for their attorney to find what the Judge has asked for. That is no longer an issue with a paperless system. The document is presented with the tap of a finger.

What about safety and security?

The documents are probably more secure this way then they were sitting in an office. Physically they are protected from fires, floods, theft and the like. While out in cyberspace they are stored on applications that have security features appropriate and commensurate with what attorney-client privileged information and important legal documents require, and are backed up multiple times.

When you hire Moore Law group for your family law needs and your attorney shows up with not even a single file, don’t be alarmed. We have all we need and more stored on a 9×10 device that fits neatly in a purse.

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