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November/December 2021 Newsletter – Party Like A Rockstar

Some of the MFLG Rock Stars have been playing dirty and by dirty we are referring to trash!

Valerie, Brenda, Vivian, and Wendy rolled up their sleeves for another community cleanup hosted by Riverside County Supervisor, Karen Spiegel.

Ms. Spiegel, being the leader she is, brings Riverside County residents together for some good, ol’ fashioned community service. Separated into teams, taking different routes around town, reacher claw and garbage bags in hand, we set off for a morning of do-gooding! It was a sunny day for some trash talk and comradery, which makes cleaning so much funner! We met new friends, too.

Big, furry, four-legged friends who help make some of the mess on the sidewalks. But how can you be mad at a friendly donkey who comes and says hello? We had some of the best security you could ask for.

Thank you, Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. Your presence alone is greatly appreciated. In the end, we each returned with a full trash bag and left our path pristine in record time!

Ms. Spiegel made sure to feed and hydrate us before sending us home feeling pretty accomplished. Brenda and Vivian brought their kiddos who are learning early about the benefits of community service.

Be sure to give back – even if just a few short hours. It makes a difference. Make a difference! Hope to see you at the next cleanup.

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There have been some fun events at the firm. MFLG’s Annual Halloween Costume Party is always a blast. Every year there is a new theme and believe it or not, this year was the first time the theme was “Rock Star Halloween.” The team could dress as past or present rock stars or create their own rock star persona. As always, the creativity and the creeps ensued. The rock show after party celebrated a birthday and some anniversaries.

  1. Happy birthday to our newest Rock Star, Marc, who channeled his finest Lenny Kravitz.
  2. A beautiful person, EV celebrated her oneyear anniversary with MFLG, and also won the Rock Legend award for her epic rendition of Marilyn Manson.
  3. Most Creative Artist Award went to Valerie for her creation of the rock star who rises to perform only on Halloween, Dame Bonez.
  4. Samantha doesn’t always walk this way but this year she came as one-half of Run DMC (the DMC half) and also celebrated her one-year anniversary at MFLG!
  5. Runner-up award went to AJ as Mama Cass, whose California Dreaming came true when he went to Paradise City to receive his one-year anniversary gift from Axel Rose (aka Holly)!
  6. Honorable Mentions to Vivian as Cher circa 1991-ish, Miruna as Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, and all the girls playing their original Rock Star personas; Rachel, the Rock Goddess, Brenda the Punk Rock Star, Angie as the mullet rocker, and Wendy the Rocker Zombie – no relation to Rob!

Q: Do I have to share the kids over the holidays?

A: If you have a court order spelling out a visitation schedule, refer to it and follow the orders. If you have no court orders, no, you do not have to. You wouldn’t be violating any orders if you did not share the holidays. However, really consider why you wouldn’t want to share your child(ren) with the other parent. Are you withholding them because you are mad or hurt by the actions of the other party, and by not allowing him/her to have the child(ren) he/she would feel as bad as you are feeling? Getting even might feel like the right thing to do at the moment but how will you feel later? More importantly, how will
the kids feel?

If you have some serious problems, then they may speak for themselves and keeping the kids may be the safe and responsible thing to do. However, if it is not for the overall safety, health, and well-being of the kids, why not? Co-parenting will be the most important thing you do after a separation. Remember your decision should be made with the best interest of the children in mind. There will be a lot of factors to think about during co-parenting and emotions might hinder good decision making. Maybe the other party has a new partner and it is too early for the kids to be introduced. Just remember you might have a partner at some point also.

These are important conversations to have with the other party following separation if you are amicable. Do your best to communicate well with one another; agree on a schedule that makes sense and works for both of you — including a holiday schedule — and discuss setting some boundaries until the two of you are ready to share or split holidays or introduce new significant others. Just ask yourself if your decision is in the best interest of the children. If you are both civil, the assistance of a mediator may be a perfect solution to
help you create a successful parenting plan and some of the temporary boundaries. If one party has become unreasonable with respect to sharing the kids, an experienced family law litigator may be what you need. MFLG has both ready to help in either scenario. Call today if you fall into these categories. (951) 463-5594.

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