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September/October 2021 Newsletter – Community Corner & More Moore Accolades

The firm COO, Valerie, participated in the 5k Walk for Life in Corona and raised over $2,000 for the local organization.

The Walk for Life supports Corona Life Services. CLS provides aid for women and men with unplanned pregnancies, offering support and healing to those who have experienced the pain of abortion or pregnancy loss, presenting abstinence to singles as the only effective choice for the prevention of unplanned pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The center provides free pregnancy tests, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, options education, fetal development education, and STD/STI education.

They also provide a wide variety of classes including parenting, abortion and miscarriage recovery, and abstinence training. CLS provides free material support through its boutique, such as baby food, diapers, clothing, highchairs, bedding, diaper bags, cribs and so many other baby and parenting essentials.

All of which only exists through generous donations of individuals and businesses, and fundraising events. Parents receive parenting education while receiving necessities. Each program offered at CLS is dedicated to providing young adults the tools necessary to become good parents in alignment with Biblical principles. To support this organization, or volunteer, visit or contact Valerie.

AJ, MFLG’s Sr. Attorney, participated in the Alzheimer’s walk, featured here with Bailey!

Holly Moore has been a member of Vistage since 2019. Vistage is a global CEO networking and coaching group. This year Ms. Moore was the winner of the 2021 Impact Award voted by members of the group. A winner is chosen for their contribution to the other CEO’s in the group and for the contribution that their business makes to the community.

Ms. Moore’s CEO peers nominated her for the award for always challenging them to be better business owners and stand for their core values. She is best known amongst her Vistage peers as someone who is very passionate about the people that her business helps.

In addition to the above, the amazing retreat Ms. Moore hosted for the group in San Luis Obispo surely made an impact!

Anyone who has a pet understands that they become instant family — our babies! Most of our Rock Stars have rock star pets! This edition celebrates the unconditional love that pets bring our lives.

Meet Our Fur Babies!

MFLG Supports

Q: Can I withhold the child(ren) if the other parent is not paying the child support order?

A: No. Please do not. Unless there is a valid reason to withhold the child, such as a legitimate risk to their safety, this is not a reason to keep the child from the other party.

It would also not be smart to stop paying child support if the other party arbitrarily withholds the child. Remember that the court makes orders in the best interest of the child. If there is no reason why the child cannot or should not spend time with the other party, then you may receive a strong reprimand for withholding the child(ren) for reasons related to child support, and you’re looking at a potential change in custody/visitation orders. You don’t want to say to the court, I don’t want to send the children with mom/dad because they stopped paying child support; and vice versa. You don’t want to tell the court I stopped paying child support orders because the other party stopped letting me have the kid(s).

Let’s put it this way, if kids continue to go with the other parent while you receive no child support, you can go to court for a determination of arrears and get paid for past due child support plus interest. On the other hand, when the other party stops letting you spend time with the kid(s), you can ask the court for a custody/visitation modification. Do not make money the reason or result for custody battles without first speaking to an attorney to make sure you are doing the right thing. Get advice on how to handle the situation appropriately. Make sure that what you are doing will not hurt you later. Find out any other remedies you have and be represented by an experienced team of Family Law
attorneys. Call MFLG today at (951) 463-5594.

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