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The Best Thing You Can Do If You Are The Victim Of Domestic Violence

TAKE PICTURES… of the injuries or any property damage, if pictures have been knocked off a wall, or any other similar physical evidence of the violence.

Oftentimes clients will come into my office, having been the victim of domestic violence, and they have already obtained a Temporary Restraining Order on their own, and now have come to me to represent them to obtain the permanent restraining order. The problem is, by the time they see me the evidence is gone (the bruises have healed and the house was put back together) because it has been several days or even weeks since the incident.

The very nature of family law, which is inclusive of domestic violence, is he said, she said. However, if there is any shred of physical evidence that will speak volumes to the court. It seems so basic, in this day and age of Law and Order and CSI to remember to take pictures of the evidence, but oftentimes those involved in, or even present around domestic violence, are so vulnerable and fearful that they will never even think of capturing the evidence with a photograph.

Just a couple of pictures of the injuries or any property damage may be the best thing they can do for their case, as it may substantially increase the chance of success in obtaining the permanent restraining order and getting the protection they need from their aggressor.

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