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Why Is Tiger Woods’ Divorce Final & Mine Is Not?

Insert any high profile celebrity divorcee name for Tiger Woods and you have a question that is often asked when celebrity divorces are splashed across the tabloid headlines, and actually its a valid question.

Celebrity divorces always seem to be “final” quicker than the “average Joe” divorce and the reasons are plenty. First, these divorces are not always in California, and divorce proceedings are based on state law. Some states vary greatly in the divorce process from California.

Secondly, there is a procedure where you can be officially divorced, however the division of property, custody and visitation issues and virtually any other issues may still need to be worked out. This is called a status divorce (because you are returned to the status of an unmarried person). People opt for this procedure if they want to remarry or simply need the emotional closure of being divorced. However if one chooses to proceed this way there are certainly some disadvantages which you should speak with a lawyer about.

Lastly and probably the largest reason why certain divorces take longer than others is the level of agree-ability between parties and attorneys. In California you cannot be divorced any sooner from 6 months from the date that your spouse was served with the divorce papers, however if you and your spouse agree on everything and are able to enter into a settlement agreement that agreement can be drafted and filed with the court long before the 6 months is up and you simply have to wait until the requisite date comes around to be “officially divorced.” On the other hand if you and your spouse are very disagreeable and litigation is required and much longer process will follow. Another factor into this equation is what type of attorneys are involved. Some attorneys are known for dragging proceedings out, others are known for filing frivolous paperwork which delays the process, and others are known for the opposite.

Moore Law Group is a client service based firm. We make it a priority to understand what the clients goals are from the beginning and every move from that point on is strategically directed towards reaching the clients goal. If you would like to learn more about Moore Family Law Group or have questions about the divorce or timing of a divorce call (951) 463-5594.

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